Tuesday, January 5, 2010

walk like a man my son

after coming home from being at the beach house for a week just for work, then working two nights in a row i got to spend yesterday with my hilarious relatives from scotland. they've come over for a certain amount of time i'm unsure of and to show them a bit of the town we caught the train and tram into the city.we went to the beautiful StKilda beach and had some ice cream and drinks by the sea side before returning into the city for dinner, after which twn of us piled into the theatre and saw the delightful production of jersey boys! it was spectactular, and you don't realise how many famous songs that you know were sung by them. after wards we went to the best ice cream shop in melbourne to top of a very cheerie day.
it was alos great becuase i got a chance to wear my new dress! it's a 30's style deep red dress with a lovely white collar and a pleated skirt. i had to adjust it (seeings as it is a size 18) but it is just adorable and so fun to spin around in!
i shall post a picture of it as soon as i work out how to get a good one.

much love. xx

Saturday, January 2, 2010

first timer

first blog. yay! i didn't realize how much pressure there was in posting a blog. hmm well i suppose you might need some background information on me...
i'm young, but i won't tell you how young. i'm shy, but i won't tell you how shy. i'm silly, but sharnt tell you how silly. i'm bold, but i can't tell you how bold. i'm unique, but how unique you have to find out for yourself.
i adore poetry (john sutton and edgar allen poe). can't survive without a creative outlet whether it be drawing, designing clothes, writing something or just singing at the top on my lungs where nobody can hear my atrocious voice. i love buying little somethings from odd shops no matter how old or new they are and changing them, hemming, adding things, cutting them up to be something new entirely etc. and i warn you right now, right at the start, there will be some terrible photographs, some that make your mind wander, and some that you won't even notice appearing on this blog.
this morning i was at our holiday house along the coast with one of my oldest friends and we caught the bus home to a mid way point where we went shopping before going home. i was almost sick on the bus and after that my friend and i were singing lovely for the packed bus to enjoy.
right now i am tired and can't really think of anything else worth writing so i'm going to tell you of a wonderous song that is stuck in my head which is called Death by White Lies. while the name is rather morbid, the song is great and it has lyrics to set your mind into a thoughtful daze. i hope anyone out there who actually bothers to read this listens to it as i'd really like to know what people think.

hope the start of your year has been lovely.

much love. xx